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Competitive Swimming

One of the main aims of the swim club as a team, is to allow children in Kenmare and the surrounding area the choice to partake competitively in the sport of swimming. Coaches are constantly discussing each swimmers development and as parents have seen themselves they get moved between squads when necessary.

Children who progress well through the lessons provided at the pool can put their name forward if interested in joining the club and committing to the 30 weeks.

The club aims to improve the younger squads in their technique and the older squads concentrate on aiming to compete and concentrate on competitive turns and times etc. Overall swimmers must have a view to compete in the long run once they meet the criteria.

We are turning children away who are interested in club, with a view to become competitive and swim for the Kenmare Bay Swim Team.

Competitive Swimming Galas

Kenmare Swim Club

Any Shark or Dolphin swimmers interested in competing in galas need to let Laura know by 14th Oct each year. We need to register you as competitive with Swim Ireland.

We can enter approx 5 or 6 up until the summer. There would be a cost on the day to enter each gala approx €12, which allows the swimmer to enter as many races as they wish on the day. Please pay this to the health club before the gala.

Each swimmer must compete in the 100m freestyle and 100m IM as a minimum requirement.*

Graded Galas Entry Criteria Information

Swim Club Squad Criteria

Squad Structure Information

Deck Duty Information

Email: for more information

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