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Kenmare Bay Hotel

Our Responsibility

Experience convenience and sustainability at Kenmare Bay Hotel with our latest addition: Multiple electric vehicle (EV) charging points now available for guest use! Hotel owner Bob Lyne is committed to providing eco-friendly amenities to enhance your stay while supporting environmentally conscious travel.

Whether you’re exploring the scenic beauty of Kerry or simply passing through, rest assured that recharging your electric vehicle is hassle-free with us.


Under the visionary leadership of owner Riobard Lyne, the Kenmare Bay Hotel & Resort is embarking on a transformative journey toward sustainability, setting new standards in eco-conscious hospitality.

Riobard's commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in the strategic initiatives being implemented to make the hotel greener and more sustainable, all while aiming for a 4-star rating. His vision extends beyond exceptional guest experiences to a profound dedication to minimizing the hotel's ecological footprint.

We're also taking steps toward greener energy solutions. From solar power to air and water systems, we're on the road to adopting more renewable energy sources. We have multiple EV charging points installed in 2024 alone. This initiative caters to the evolving preferences of environmentally conscious travelers while showcasing the commitment to aligning the hotel with eco-friendly practices.

These efforts reflect our dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable hospitality practices.

Sustainability at the Kenmare Bay Hotel
EV Charging at the Kenmare Bay Hotel

EV Charging

Recognising the urgency of addressing environmental concerns, Riobard has championed a comprehensive sustainability plan, focusing on various areas of the hotel's operations.

A notable aspect of this initiative is the collaboration with with which we have installed multiple electric vehicle (EV) charging points. This aligns with Riobard's forward-thinking approach and supports eco-friendly transportation options.

By partnering with, the hotel contributes to the growth of EV infrastructure, catering to ronmentally conscious travelers and establishing a commendable standard for the industry.

Solar Panels

At the Kenmare Bay Hotel, we're harnessing the power of the sun with our solar panel installation. This sustainable energy solution reduces our reliance on traditional power sources, minimising carbon emissions and environmental impact.

By generating clean and renewable electricity on-site, we contribute to a greener future while ensuring reliable energy for our operations. Our commitment to solar energy underscores our dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices. Through initiatives like this, we're proud to lead the way in sustainable hospitality, demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship and providing guests with an eco-friendly experience at the Kenmare Bay Hotel.

Solar Power at the Kenmare Bay Hotel
Air to Water System at the Kenmare Bay Hotel

Air to Water System

At the Kenmare Bay Hotel's Health Club, we've embraced sustainability with our air-to-water heat system. This innovative technology utilizes ambient air to generate heat, providing a renewable and efficient solution for our facility.

By harnessing natural resources, significantly reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining optimal comfort for our guests. The air-to-water heat system exemplifies our commitment to eco-conscious practices, ensuring responsible energy usage and environmental stewardship.

Eliminating Single Use Plastic

At the Kenmare Bay Hotel, we're dedicated to reducing our environmental impact by eliminating single-use plastics. Under the guidance of our sustainability initiatives, we've implemented measures to phase out plastic straws, stirrers, and packaging across all departments. Instead, we offer eco-friendly alternatives such as paper or biodegradable options. Through these efforts, we're committed to promoting sustainability and minimizing toxic waste, contributing to a healthier planet for current and future generations to enjoy.

Plastic Free Kenmare Bay Hotel
Walk from Kenmare Bay Hotel to Kenmare Town Centre

Shop Local

At the Kenmare Bay Hotel, sustainability is ingrained in our ethos, and supporting local businesses is a cornerstone of our commitment. We prioritize sourcing ingredients and supplies from nearby markets and suppliers, reducing carbon emissions associated with portation while boosting the local economy.

By partnering with local farmers, artisans, and producers, we ensure freshness and quality in our offerings while minimising our logical footprint. This dedication to shopping local not only supports our community but also aligns with our mission to promote sustainable practices throughout our operations.Together, we strive for a greener, more vibrant future for Kenmare and beyond.

How our Guests can help!

  • Travel - We encourage guests to choose the most environmentally sustainable means of transport possible such as Electric Vehicles or public transport. We have information on public transport links on our website and we also provide electric charging points onsite
  • Choose our ‘Green Option’ whereby we do not service your room during your stay. Not changing bedlinen daily and not changing towelling unless requested
  • Electric use in bedrooms - When leaving your room making sure that the electricity is switched off
  • Close windows if the heating is on
  • Toiletries - buy into our eradication of single use toiletries and understand our rational behind the introduction of wall mounted pump options of high-quality toiletries
  • Shower - Choose a Shower over a bath
  • Technology - Embrace our use of digital means to contact you and keep you up to date as well as for receipts and confirmations
  • Local - Choose local products and services close to the Hotel
  • Never - Never leave waste on walks or disrupt nature
Kenmare Bay Hotel Familiy Sustainability