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A Day in the Life of ……..Laura, Health Club Administrator

A day in the life of…….Laura Meagher – Health Club Administrator


A general day for me begins with a quick tidy up of my desk to organise my files and scattering of papers. A quick polish around reception to make sure it’s a welcoming haven for any member wishing for a nice work out or leisurely swim, and I’m ready to face whatever the day has to offer.

Throughout the day I’m kept busy handling bookings by phone and email for Renew Beauty Centre. In between handing out towels and giving directions to the changing rooms to our residents, I receive enquiries from people interested in joining the club. I show them a brochure and explain our rates and together we come up with a package suitable for them and their family. I like to show them around the premises so they will know where they are going on their first day. Hygiene is a top priority in the health club and so shoe covers are always worn on a show around (not for wearing on the head, as two older gentlemen thought one day!). New members are always pleased to hear that a fitness programme is included in the membership, which gives a little guidance until they become familiar with the equipment.

Once they have filled out all the paper work, it’s up to me to make sure everything is in order. All their details are put into the computer and they are assigned a keyring to scan each time they come in. I like to inform members of the benefits of membership, such as being able to enter competitions to win a dinner for two, beauty treatments and weekends away and of course the benefits of increased health, fitness and well being.….

Once all the paper work is processed and filed away I can get back to putting together financial reports and graphs for my managers.

In the afternoon it starts to get very busy for the group swimming lessons with our manager and swimming instructor Deirdre Miles and it’s a flurry of activity as I keep track of payment for the lessons. I love to watch all the little kiddies getting ready for their lesson as they jump around the pool and soak the poor teacher, I always think to myself, why don’t grown ups have that kind of energy! And just as Deirdre is getting a rhythm going, one little hand goes up in the air “teacher I need to go to the toilet!” and then of course one by one all the little hands go up and we can only smile as they all scamper across the deck to the changing rooms…

As my day is winding down I go through reports for the day’s takings to make sure everything is as it should be and put my welcome letters for new members into the post. I handover any relevant details to my colleague who will cover the reception for the evening and say goodbye to the rest of the team. As I head home I feel pleased with my day and truly believe that the health club team live up to the slogan, “where your well-being is our inspiration”.

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