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A Day in the Life – Housekeeper Supervisor

One day in accommodation:


No one believes them when I tell them, that working in accommodation, is like working as a shrink…

The only difference is that I only see them after, not during the “sessions”.

Believe me or not, a house can tell you a lot about a person or a family.

No! We are not going through the rubbish, but we are the ones,

who are going into the Houses & Bedrooms, first thing after the guests leave.

Some Guests are messy, others are neat!


The other excitement is to fight against time…. After check-out,

you have only couple of hours before check in, so its full steam ahead!

Once I wake  up in the morning, my day starts off well.

I get a list of rooms, when I arrive telling me which holiday homes &

rooms are staying, departing & arriving. All the housekeepers know what to do, we have our set routines.

We are often waiting for the holiday home keys to come in as the guests vacate the holiday homes.

Finally the first one comes in, and a race starts between us to get to the house, then the cleaning starts!


Oh No, there is red wine spilled on the carpet…well-well,  we have two options, pour white wine on it, and neutralize, or just clean it with one of the carpet cleaner product.

We choose the second option. I take two steps back,

just to get a better view to see if there are no stains left, and I fall over.

Yes, someone forgot a suitcase. Someone will miss that, so I have call to reception, to contact the owners.


Finding phone chargers is a day-to-day thing and trust me, we could open a shop from them now,

if we didn’t try always to find the owners.

Finding someone is not always successful or they just don’t need what ever they left.

In that case we keep it for a year in a box (just in case!) after that we take it to one of the charity places

in town, or to the hospital.

After all the analysing, and of course, all the cleaning, our day is finally over.

We talk to the maintenance  if anything needs to be repaired.

Everyday when we leave, our last thought is that we did our best in our department to make everyone’s stay enjoyable, clean, and memorable.


Angela Pelles

Housekeeping Supervisor from Hungary


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