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Kenmare, County Kerry

On the Ring of Kerry

"Escape to Living" is the motto in Kenmare, and it's easy to see why. A picturesque country town with a colourful array of delightful shops, bars, and restaurants and a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere, Kenmare is superbly situated on a balmy inlet of the Atlantic where several renowned scenic routes intersect.

Kenmare town lies at the head of Kenmare Bay, a stunning inlet that sweeps out 50 kilometres from Kenmare to the Atlantic Ocean. "Kenmare" is an anglicisation of "Ceann Mara," or "head of the sea." The accepted Irish translation for Kenmare is "Neidín," which means "little nest," referring to the way the town nestles into the lush, subtropical landscape of Kenmare Bay against the striking backdrop of the Caha Mountains.

Things to do in Kenmare

You will never be short of things to do in Kenmare, whether you are an outdoors enthusiast or a devotee of good food and wine. From horse riding, sea safaris and golf to simply lounging over a good cup of coffee in a cosy cafe, Kenmare has the holiday options for you.

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