True love will always find a way!

True love will always find a way and distance only makes the heart grow fonder. This is very true for Cara & Wayne, a wonderful couple who met back in 2010 in Cork and had their wedding reception at the Kenmare Bay Hotel in August 2017.


Kenmare Bay Hotel Weddings
Cara & Wayne

How they met!

Shortly after meeting on a night out, Cara found out that Wayne was preparing for an overseas mission to Lebanon with the army and the couple lost contact. After returning from Lebanon, the couple reconnected in London where Cara was working as Cabin Crew with Ryanair.

Why they chose the Kenmare Bay Hotel!

When Cara & Wayne got engaged, Kenmare was there only option for their wedding day. Cara explains; “My dad is from Shelbourne St in Kenmare, I spent lots of Summers in Kenmare as a child and have some great memories of the town. I introduced Wayne to Kenmare soon enough after we met and he also loves it. We go on weekends away to Kenmare together at least four or five times per year. We knew we wanted to get married in Kenmare and when we got engaged it was the first and last place we looked! The Kenmare Bay Hotel comes highly recommended by both locals and people from all over the country!”

What advice they had for future couples?

When asked if they had any advice for future couples they said “Try to enjoy the run up to the day and your wedding day as best you can because time is nothing. Cherish every moment.”

We wish Cara and Wayne every happiness for the future.

  • Wedding Dress – Cinderella’s Closet
  • Suits – Con Murphy’s, Patrick’s Street, Cork
  • Bridesmaid Dresses- Vows, Blarney
  • Cake –  Heavenly Baked, Tralee
  • Hair- Phil O’Sullivan, Kenmare
  • Make-up – Trisha’s Make-Up, Kenmare
  • Photographer- Nick Cavanagh Photography, Kenmare
Kenmare Bay Hotel
Cara & Wayne – Kenmare Bay Hotel
Kenmare Bay Hotel Weddings
Cara & Wayne – Kenmare Bay Hotel
Kenmare Bay Hotel Weddings
Cara & Wayne – Kenmare Bay Hotel
Kenmare Bay Hotel Weddings
Cara & Wayne – Kenmare Bay Hotel
Kenmare Bay Hotel Weddings
Cara & Wayne – Kenmare Bay Hotel
Kenmare Bay Hotel Weddings
Cara & Wayne








Q & A with our Wedding Manager, Tom

Hi Tom, What is it about Kenmare Bay Hotel that makes it such a popular wedding venue?

The Kenmare Bay Hotel has a great reputation for quality and service. We pride ourselves on making each wedding as special as possible and I feel that each Bride and Groom appreciate the personal approach we take. Our food is second to none and we have a wide variety of accommodation options so the Kenmare Bay is extremely accommodating to all.

If you could give a bride one piece of advice in planning her wedding what would it be?

If I could give one piece of advice, it would probably be to organise your day according to when you want your Band/DJ to start. A lot of people make the mistake of planning from the church, but ideally if you plan back from the Band/DJ starting, you are allowing yourself a better idea as to when the church/civil service should start, when the dinner should be served taking into account speeches and allowing time for the music set-up. Your day should run smoothly and no time should be lost. It is only 1 day and we like to see each couple enjoy it to the fullest.

I have only been to Kenmare once but it is a stunning little town. What is there for wedding couples and their guests to do on the day before/day after the wedding?

We offer quite a few options at the hotel such as music and light snacks to sit down meals & buffets. The local area also has so much to offer such as Boat Cruises on the Kenmare Bay. We like to cater to each couple’s requirements as everyone if different but we guarantee to have something for everyone.

What is on offer when it comes to the wedding menu at Kenmare Bay Hotel?

Our standard wedding menu is made up of 4 courses and consists of choice of 2 starters, a soup or a sorbet, 2 main courses and a dessert medley or 1 dessert. We offer a complimentary tasting prior to your wedding day to ensure you are happy with the menu you have chosen. All dietary requirements can be accommodated with prior notice. I can also talk to you about a particular budget you may have and I can tailor your menu and package to suit this

How did you begin working with weddings?

I worked in a very busy Kildare Hotel where we did over 250 Weddings a year, along with over a 100 Functions , it was a very busy environment but I enjoyed it very much. My wife is from Kenmare and we decided to move to Kenmare, where I have looked after every wedding since the current owners have taken over 6 Years Ag

What do you enjoy doing when you are not planning a wedding?

I have 2 Boys 7 & 4 that keep me busy. My hobbies include Golf, sailing and Hill Walking.

What is your favourite flavour wedding cake?

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but if you offered me a Chocolate Biscuit Cake with Malteser & Hazelnut, I would not and could not say no.

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