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Dr. Grandle & Janssen Facial Treatments

The Non- Surgical Face Lift

Gives dramatic results in an instant. It lifts, tones and firms the skin in aid of diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Minerals from Dead Sea work on skin to give a youthful, radiant appearance. (kits from €99 - 15 facials)
1 hour € 75

Skin Regeneration Facial

Contains Isoflavonoids which replaces lost Estrogen. From the age of 40 onwards, lines slowly transform into creases. This treatment helps includesrease estrogen production which in turn targets the development of wrinkles..
1 hour € 70

Hydro Lipid Facial

This is a rich regenerating facial for demanding skin, supplying all the lipids for a smooth, fresh and supple skin.
30 mins €45 / 1 hour € 70

Dr Grandle A.C.E

A vitamin booster containing vitamin C that develops a warming effect. Relieves the skin from pollutants & restores the skins natural glow (all skin types).
30 mins €45 / 1 hour € 70

Teen Facial

After a skin care consultation, we will target your skins specific requirements and offer a home care plan to ensure the correct routine is applied for your specific skin type (parental consent required).
30 mins € 40

The Clinic Facial

Prepared for treating oily, acne prone skin. Effective normalisation of sebum over production while soothing irritation. (Telangiectasia & Rosacea facial available of request and consultation)
30 mins € 45 / 1 hour € 70

Eye Lift Rejuvenation Treatment

Pay extra attention to your eyes with our eye lift treatment, which help to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. It relieves heavy tired eyes & gives the face a fresh appearance, reducing bags and dark circles.
30 mins € 35

Men's Sports Facials

Using products specially designed for men, this facial is a deeply relaxing treatment which protects against the effects of shaving, ageing and environmental damage.
30 mins € 45 / 1 hour € 70
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