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A day in the life of a head receptionist

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

We have a very hectic start to our day in the front office. Our first priority is to get the night audit done, so as to start the day’s business. Usually the tours are up and about ready to settle their accounts at 7.00 am. Of course there is always a comment about the weather and the hope that it will improve.


The tours are usually gone by 8.00 am and we then have a bit of quiet time until our private guests check out. We spend this time greeting the guests on their way to breakfast, filing and tidying the reception area after the first busy hour of the day. Hanneke the Reservations Manager starts at nine; we hand over any queries from the night before and it’s at about this time the phone awakens and keeps us on our toes for the day.


After breakfast we start to get busy with check-outs until midday. As our guests check out we take time to enquire if they had an enjoyable stay. There are a lot nice comments made about our hotel, especially in relation to our new leisure centre, holiday homes, lodges, the comfort of our hotel rooms, close proximity to town and friendly staff. If there are any issues we do our best to address them so the guests leave happy with their stay. We say a sad farewell and hope to see them in the future.


The afternoon is spent in preparing for the arrivals that day. The key cards have to be assigned, and we make sure the special requests are done and we are organised for all the groups. At 3.00pm we cash up, and hand over to the receptionist on the late shift so they are up to date with the day’s events. The tours check in late afternoon; they are often American, Australian, Dutch, German and French. We do our best to communicate with all nationalities, and if we don’t speak the language we try to improvise in any way possible.


Between check-ins we take dinner bookings, any request such as extra towels, room service etc. Once we had to contact Kenmare hospital to get a wheelchair for a poor lady who had had an accident while stepping down from the coach. We do our best to ensure everyone has a pleasant and comfortable stay.


The rest of the evening is spent printing up the registration cards and filing the following day’s arrivals. We are always busy on the phone taking reservations and answering any queries people have. At the end of the late shift we cash up, tidy the desk and have everything ready for the person the next morning. There’s never a dull moment!


Mary & Sandra

Head Receptionists

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