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Our Executive Chef, Daniel O’Hanlon, shares some of his special recipes and tips with you. Come and stay with us to sample some of Daniel’s delicious cooking. www.kenmarebayhotel.com/dining/

Grand Marnier Chocolate Sauce,

 250ml cream

1 tbspn Honey

100g Dark chocolate 55% or more

50g White Chocolate

75g Milk chocolate

Zest and Juice of 1 orange

50 ml Grand Marnier liquer



(Technically we should burn off the alcohol from the Grand marnier liquer as the first step….In this recipe I prefer to add the alcohol at the end and preserve the warmth of this delicate liquer, it adds a certain decadence to whatever dish you choose to use it be it Ice cream or a delicuous Tarte au chocolate -recipe coming soon! )

  •   Zest the orange and squeeze the juice taking care to remove all the pips.
  •  Set the cream, zest juice and honey into a bain marie (water bath, pot of water at 75 degrees celcius) in a pyrex or steel bowl.
  • Allow it to warm stirring thoroughly Add the chocolate, dark first, and stir through until melted, then the milk chocolate and finally the white chocolate,
  •  Keep stirring until it is all melted thoroughly
  •  Finally add the grand marnier liquer and stir until incorporated

 Allow to cool slightly and enjoy.

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